About us

Karemax Industrial Ltd.

About us:

Karemax Industrial Ltd. is a full-service medical equipment and supply distributor located in Shanghai ,China . As a master distributor for many major manufacturers in China , Karemax delivers the highest quality service and products with professionalism, knowledge and personal attention. Our mission is to provide health care professionals with the supplies, tools, and resources they need to improve the health of their patients and save lives. Precise, professional, prompt, and perfect are exactly what you can expect from us.

Karemax Industrial Ltd. provides an extensive range of medical equipments and supplies such as medical equipments, including disposables medical products, dressings, general diagnostic devices, surgical instrument, hospital and ward equipment, etc. Karemax's expertise lies in our ability to lower your cost of procurement, to allow you to allocate more time to managing your business, providing quality care, and increasing your revenues. We are also well connected with the ports, railways, shipping, air traffic, customs and CCIB. Thanks to the above, we have been a reliable co-operational partner from all home and foreign customers.

Karemax Industrial Ltd. is to lead the industry as a consumer resource for the latest and most beneficial medical supplies. Customer service and customer satisfaction are our prime focus. This includes incorporating a well-trained staff of experienced specialists. We cherish our reputation as our lives. We are always available to supply you with our professional service with good quality .We believe that your choice will definitely be a mutual beneficial start both of our companies!